Supports Can MAKE Lives Motivated
We Make PWD's Smile

FHD leads projects from start to finish and tries to provide better lives and future for PWD’s without dependency. We always try to provide basic needs these are mandatory It is always the endeavor of FHD that all the blind students living in our blind hostel should get the essential basic necessities like living, food and education free of cost so that the morale of the blind students will increase and the society should also adopt the blind and get equal rights. and make provision of jobs for blind and other handicapped people in many jobs of the society. Till now the society assesses all the differently abled with an inferiority complex, while on the other hand, people with disabilities have the same or more ability to do many things, but due to never getting recognition, that talent is lost. , and FHD is progressive in finding ways to make siblings with disabilities self-reliant

Organized a Picnic on Independence Day

On the occasion of India’s 75th Independence Day, the FHD family took the blind students of the Blind Hostel to the very beautiful and closer to nature Government Park in Dwarka and left them there free to reconcile with nature of their own free will, and Now the differently abled students enjoyed those sails a lot and finally Mr. Brijraj Singh ji also enjoyed the picnic with all the differently-abled students.

Together they all made that picnic a complete success.

Organized Lunch on the occasion of Rakshabandhan

In our blind hostel, from time to time some donors come to our hostel for the higher education of blind students and give direction to our blind students for higher education and one such donor’s family celebrated the auspicious occasion of Rakshabandhan. A few days ago, I decided to bloom myself by cooking lunch for all the blind students and came up with a unique way to celebrate Rakshabandhan and served it to all the blind students with their own hands and the students ate the food with their own hands. Shri Man Brijraj ji was also very happy to see this belongingness and attachment of those donors, as if the festival of Rakshabandhan has become meaningful.

Donated a Wheelchair for Locomotor Beggar

32-year-old Manoj who lives in Dwarka Sector 6, his legs are completely lifeless due to polio disease in childhood and he is 85% disabled. Before 2020, he used to help his family financially by doing small jobs. Manoj in his family Together they have 5 brothers and 2 sisters, but due to the corona epidemic, they have closed their way to earn their livelihood and they started begging in Dwarka Sector 6, When a friend of Brijraj ji told him about Manoj, Brijraj himself went to Dwarka to check the veracity of the facts and saw that Manoj needed a wheelchair and then Manoj was gifted the wheelchair by FHD. Where Manoj’s own family had stopped helping him, he went ahead in FHD and understood Manoj’s problem and tried to overcome the problem to some extent.

Sunderkand Path By Blinds

FHD has organized a Sunderkand Path in Dwarka Sector-3. This Path was very special because the Path was done by the Blinds of our Blind Hostel. This Path impressed all the people who came. All the people who came there were very praising their talents. They all were so glad to have these co-curricular activities to enhance skill of potential and now they feel their lives are going to change and moving to self reliance. With this small program, we have tried to show the potential of differently abled people to the society 

Seminar in Iskon Temple

We attended a seminar of Disabled People in the Iskon Temple, in which Brijraj Singh was called as Chief Guest and given a motivational speech by him.

A large number of handicapped people attended the seminar, in which some children of our Blind Hostel participated in Singing Competition, which were taught by us. Now, Increasing morale of the children by participating in the competition and they are taking part of many such competitions.