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About Us



The Foundation of Handicapped Development is not an Organization, it is a family where we all work together to make this family happy and try to help all the handicapped brothers or sisters associated with our family. Is it possible to solve their problem or eliminate their problem from the root. And together our family has also built an Blind Hostel for the visually impaired PWD's where we have been able to provide accommodation, food and higher education facilities to 14 visually impaired PWD's people together. And it is our future resolution that we will make our family more capable that our associated differently abled brothers and sisters can help selflessly and be able to plant a tree of self-reliance in their life. 

The whole world and our family knows very well and understand that a PWD can become capable or self-sufficient only when he is loaded with the right education, otherwise even today in the whole world, most of the handicapped people are dependent on others to earn their livelihood. Our family's resolve is that we will help more and more PWD's and helpless disabled brothers/sisters in future.

Our family is requested from all over the world to join us to help any one Divyang out of all the Divyangs associated with our organization.

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